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If your machine service technician threatens to void your service warranty or demands you use only their OEM products: Remember, using compatible mailroom cartridges will not void your OEM Service Level Agreement! Even though OEM may claim that using compatible ink cartridges can affect your Service Level Agreement, it is actually illegal for them to void the equipment warranty because you used a fully functional and quality aftermarket product. It’s your choice. The government is by your side, and so are we.

Magnuson-Moss Act (1975):
In addition, the warrantor may not impose any duty, other than notification, upon any consumer, as a condition of securing the repair of any consumer product that malfunctions, is defective, or does not conform to the written warranty. However, the warrantor may require consumers to return a defective item to its place of purchase for repair. In other words, it is illegal for manufacturers to deny warranty coverage solely because you used an aftermarket part or product on an OEM machine.

Sherman Antitrust Act (1890):
It is illegal for a company to suppress competition with anti-competitive conduct. An unlawful conduct and monopoly exists when that company controls the market for a product or service, and it has obtained that market power, not because its product or service is superior to others, but by suppressing competition with anticompetitive conduct. In other words, it is illegal for companies to create or enforce agreements or contracts intended to unreasonably restrain or monopolize trade.

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